The Long Way Home

Like many folks traveling to the far western end of Kentucky, I have to take a different route due to the collapse of the bridge in the Land Between the Lakes area.   It’s what I call “the long way home”.

Last week I had to travel down that way to meet with a group of men from a local church.   And yes – I had to take the long way around.   Truthfully, it only adds about 30 minutes or so to the drive but it seems like I’m going all the way around the world compared to the way I used to drive.  

Since I’m spending more time in the car these days meeting with men all over the area and discussing ideas to help men grow closer to HIM, I’ve had many miles to think…

Why do I seem to take “the long way home” in my relationship with God?   There have been season in my life that I’ve messed up, really messed up, and instead of turning around and running back to my Heavenly Father – I’ve struggled to get myself turned around on my own.   Thinking I could handle it without any help from Him, or even that He couldn’t possibly want me in the mess I’m in… but read Luke 15 and the account of a son who tried “the long way home” and how his father reacted:

“But while he was still a long way off, his father saw him and felt compassion for him, and ran and embraced him and kissed him.”  Luke 15:20 NASB

Are you in something right now that you wish you weren’t?   Is life spinning out of control and you have no idea how you got here or where it’s going next?  

STOP!  Don’t take “the long way home” but turn around, RUN NOW don’t walk to HIM — RUN!  You may still have to deal with some consequences from whatever the trouble is; but in the middle of it all you can “HAVE LIFE AND HAVE IT ABUNDANTLY!” John 10:10